Girlfriends In Time Square
They came to the city that never sleeps and never left their bed

Big city, big lights... big dreams? Five girlfriends hit the big city. What they find along the way includes a naughty maid, a firey porn starlet and a casting director with certain requirements. Needless to say, these girls never sleep. But they also seem to wind up in bed an awful lot. Buy Now!

What Does a Girl Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here?
Welcome to Monica's in Malibu -- Playground for Girlfriends

Monica is looking for some hot ladies for her upscale bachelor party service. Her main requirement is that the girls turn her on. If they can get her clock ticking, they'll do just fine with the men. You won't believe what these girls cum up with. Buy Now!

Sorority Sisters
Gone Wild!
Meet the girls of
Delta Delta Cum

Meet six feisty coeds from Double D U who know how to keep more than just their grades up! It’s time for Freshmen hazing. You’ll never guess what the sisters have planned! Fear not, our girls are up for the challenge. This is, after all, DDU! Buy Now!

Dive into the
Deep End at Club Double D!
When there's trouble, these girls blow more than a whistle

Welcome to Club Double D, where our all-girl lifeguard team really knows how to get you up when you're going down! Get an in-depth look at the interview process and watch as one hot life guard brings a drowning man back from the brink with her own brand of oral resuscitation! Available in both VHS and DVD. Buy Now!

This is Only the Beginning!
Want to lend a hand?

The two videos offered on this site are only the beginning of what we plan to roll out over the next year. Have a great idea or scenario you’d like to see played out? We’d be all too happy to hear about it. Click on the link below and tell us just what you want to see.
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